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Default Re: Complaints about the Official Tournament, Round 5.

Originally Posted by Mr.Nothing View Post
The quotations constitute sarcasm, ass.

And I would like to hear an Admin's POV,
considering the rounds were stated to last 7 DAYS no matter what, in round one, no where did it say there were extenuating circumstances.
I am well-aware of that sarcasm.
No need to stick up abuses at me. Also, they have the right to change that. If they change it, you need to manage your time to be able to hand in your SS in time. So your saying, they should kick one guy out of Intermediate, in replace for "you"?

And your wasting your time right now. Don't think I'm wasting mine cause I have plenty. Come back in a day or two, check if any admins have posted. Possibly it would be locked.
Oh well.

And buddy, stop the whining...
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