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Default Re: Complaints about the Official Tournament, Round 5.

Then you should have posted the score when you got it.

It is noone's fault but yours that you didn't post your screenshot the second that you got it. The round ended tuesday at midnight, and tiebreak round ended wendsday at midnight. It's your fault for not keeping track of when the rounds end.

also, Sprite- is away till sunday. Which means you didn't read the notice at the top of the thread stating that the round was ending tuesday.

Originally Posted by Sprite
I will not be here next Thursday. Therefore, I will have to make this round end on Tuesday , October 9th at 11:59PM EST.
AAA's = 800

Originally Posted by V
Manti, I apologize for insulting you. Let the record show that I am a prickass douche, and not only that, but that I am a terrible player.

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