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Default Re: Who else in the states waiting on their tax refund?

Originally Posted by colt.45 View Post
I made less than 25k last year with dividends so I am not sure what's up. When I look online just tells me "Payment Status - Not available" :/ at this rate I've given up honestly. Just really sucks seeing everyone else get it and here I am waiting months and months. I don't have my bank account info with them, so I am waiting on a check... A check that never comes.

That's slightly aggravating, I'm sure. You're definitely qualified for it so I'd be callin' the IRS and lighting a fire under their ass. That money is a great help after a year like 2020.

For the future though, I do suggest e-filing your taxes and using a direct deposit with the IRS. Everything is so much easier and faster no matter what is involved. If it's the IRS, the more electronic, the better.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Got my second stimulus and tax return, waiting on the 1400 one right now. It's all going to credit card bills when it gets here

That'll bring me a few hundo from being 100% debt free, but imma just use it as an excuse to take an expensive vacation and rack it all back up haha
After 2020, fucking this mate. Do it honestly. I can't wait for the later quarter of this year. I'm either taking a 2 week fuck off session somewhere far away or buying a new car. I don't know which and I don't care which. Either is fine and one will happen.
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