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Default Re: Rejected Files Tournament

Originally Posted by kadef View Post
Hi - would you mind posting start and end times for rounds? I guess it doesn’t matter anymore if you’re extending everything, but this might help let people know how much time they have to improve scores before posting (I had no idea round 4 was starting this soon, for example).

Thanks! Also lemme know if you put this somewhere and I missed it
I was kind of loosey goosey with the timing to begin with, and i only mentioned when the first round would start. Not the best clarification on when rounds start ^_^'

Mostly my reasoning for this was to gauge participation and be able to adjust as I go (i had a sneaking suspicion there would be a few to a lot of late round entries anyway due to the nature of the world right now), but some of it was that my work schedule doesnt always allow me to release on time.

At the end of the day, I think cumulative is going to work best for this kind of tournament from now on (it's unofficial and goofy nature ^,^).

I also apologize for anyone thinking they had to rush scores!

Hopefully I'll have a better system ironed out for next time, and thanks for taking the time to follow one of the rules of the tournament
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