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Default Re: Puzzle & Dragons

Originally Posted by choof View Post
alt arena 3 cleared with bull demon king (insane farmable) and seina
now I have aa4, a6, and the shuras left to go. I dont think either of those will get cleared any time soon tho.
I pulled oukis and she's hot as FUCK so I'm keeping two. looks like I'm not fully farmable anymore
I'm just about there too, minus the aa3 clear. Don't quite have a setup yet to handle all the mechanics, really irritated I picked this back up after several collabs and events ended so I'm missing Polowne/Gillian/Xmas Grem which everybody is suggesting for Seina teams for the higher-end arenas.

The combo of Hinomitsuha poison skyfall into the wood dragon couple floors later that does reduced rcv is what's getting me in aa3. Even with inheriting fenrir vis to overwrite the poisons, the rcv debuff still ends up getting me

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