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Default Re: Stock Market Chit Chat

what's the word on index stocks vs EFTs in terms of return (and whether they're a good idea in general)? I'm hearing that indexes are better because they only trade once per day whereas EFTs are more volatile. I have RRSP contributions in Canada/USA/Worldwide equity index for long term

I added a bit of funds to my portfolio, gonna look into something else to dive into. I have my energy stock, tech, commodity, wondering if healthcare/blockchain is worth it in the short term.

Originally Posted by trumaestro View Post
What are you guys using to invest? There are so many apps/sites. And do they generate tax slips? In Canada?
I'm using Wealthsimple, I do believe they generate tax slips (especially since they're officially registered with federal compliance etc.) but I haven't looked yet. I'll have to soon with tax season approaching oop

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