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Default Re: TWG 195 - D6 [Postgame]

Also I wrote this, posted it and then realized i was dead and deleted it:

Originally Posted by Bolth mannn View Post
I look forward to you doing more when you wake up because this is atrocious!
I hope I do because I was feeling it a bit last game and this one i'm having trouble getting into. I keep forgetting it exists.

Originally Posted by fatfuck42 View Post
Freeflowing how?
Sunfan and I kinda talked about it post OG game. Wolf Xiz can sometimes have a habit of slanking D1 (eg making excuses for not being here and coasting, while still shitposting from time to time to make face. I think he does this sometimes to coast as a wolf for a phase or two before he needs to be active. Human Xiz just... doesn't care how he looks most of the time so he just posts without excuses.

It's not a lock everytime read, but it seems to work more then 50% of the time so there is a trend.

Originally Posted by choof View Post
manti's entrance was awful tho, milquetoast town read on xiz for "freeflowing" posts aka shitposting and a bandwagon when multiple people have been doing the same thing. seems like it's just an easy read to throw out there
Eh there's more to it but i just don't always go into the deep details like i did above.
AAA's = 800

Originally Posted by V
Manti, I apologize for insulting you. Let the record show that I am a prickass douche, and not only that, but that I am a terrible player.
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