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Default Re: 13th Official Tournament Song Discussion Thread

coyp pasting my r3 tots here, will do other rounds later:

D1: Change Yourself [Light]
d1 gets bmahed but at least it's still early on in the tournament, better than getting bmahed later when the files are harder love the song (reminds me a lot of ETERNAL DRAIN, which I loved as well) and excited to see what the harder versions of this look like. This is actually less dense than Embrace, so I wondered if d1 might tear through it (as much as d1 can), but scoreboard's pretty reasonable - the jacks are an altogether different skillset from Embrace's chart.

this did not stop d2 at all lol, you guys are going to end up with 70s by the end at this rate

Good file and song, some patterns in there I thought would be bigger problems for d2, like the trill and the 4321 24ths, but apparently not.

D3: MIDI Beach
very chill song, lots of flams, couple of meaner bursts and even a very pretty little solo in the middle to trip up newer players not used to uneven rhythms. Outside of the solo was layered a little heavier than how I'd personally do it, but still a very pleasant file. (Nice color theory with the 192ths/64ths btw)

D4: Pizza Hat
preview mentioned that this is basically sunset sky garden jr. and yeah, that's basically what it is. It's fun throughout - same energy as ssg, but imo way more replayable because it doesn't repeat as much and like 30 seconds shorter. M0nkeyz was even nicer than he could have been here, there were some points which could have been hands and stuff but the chart's not as evil as that

D4 cutoff is currently 38g even with 100% participation so the struggle is real, gl

D5: Ani Mevushal
looks like I get to eliminate myself 8) there's something in this file to annoy everyone. Don't like split rolls? have a 10 second kono spoon at the start. Hate jacks? there's like 40 seconds of minijacks, with many one-handed transitions. trills? get rdy for OHTs (not that fast, go practice on Kanon Kanon which is like 20bpm faster) etc etc. I personally basically have no stamina left by the end of the jumpstream and just mash whatever so see yall next year

D6: Trap Funk
I like, half love this file and the other half is wat. The slower poly sections and some of the bursts are a looooot of fun to play (would be way more infuriating if I were actually competing here, but I'm not, so I get to enjoy just being bad instead and "mostly" hitting them) but the color theory is over-the-top for my tastes, and I made (the ffr version of) o'er the flood. It's not Chipscape level, but damn does this chart mess with your intuition about how to hit stuff based on colors.

This is a good check to see if you know where the custom noteskin/note color options are, imo lmao

i'll leave d7-d8 to actual intended audience

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