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Default Re: The VideoGame MegaPack Type-S (reopened LOL)

Mac Daddy deleted his original post because he's a turbo nerd so I'm gonna copy/paste the rules from VGMP-4 because a) it's all I could find and b) mostly agree with them.

tHE rULES (break these and get ded u feel me? lmao):
- All files must be unreleased. (Kraezymann edit: if you do a good restep from a previous 4k thats totally fine)
- Song length can be as long or short as you want.
- You can include as many difficulties as you want. The more the merrier!
- Files can be super easy, super hard, nostalgic, artsy fartsy, etc, so long as they are well made (correct BPM so they stay on beat, no dumps sorry guys dumps are for toilets L O L #roasted).
- No Touhou music (remixes or otherwise) or H-Game music.
- Remixes are allowed (of course they are u freakin dingus).
- No rhythymyhm game musixXx, omg
- No rolls. Mines are fine though, so have fun u stank nuggets. (Kraezymann edit: I disagree since pretty much everyone can handle rolls now so if you got 'em its prolly k)
- All files WILL have cdtitles and graphics, so if you lack them, we can provide them.

EDIT: Since Big Mac also has the first post on the first page it'll be lame to try to make up a list of accepted stuff, so I'm just gonna update the thread periodically with stuff that I get and just talk to individual peeps on the cord-of-disc
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