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Default Chaotrope Blanket Permission Acquired

So I e-mailed him back November via the e-mail located on his YouTube channel regarding permission but turns out he doesn't use that e-mail anymore. Chiasm recently got FC'd on Rock Band 3 by AceZero_12078 so I dropped by the stream and Chaotrope was there to see the achievement and give gratz (his username on there's chaotrope_), so I figured I'd take the opportunity to inquire about both what went on with the e-mail and take another shot at asking and it proved successful! I'll submit both the e-mail screenshot and the screenshots via Twitch DMs. Discord screenshots are also to be provided.

I'm not too-too sure whether this is required but I'll put down their pages as well, since they're probably going to be needed.

Apologies if this isn't in any way, shape, or form how these kindsa posts are s'posed to be made or structured but I'm wicked excited and it's like 2:00 AM so issa bit of a blur rn.

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