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Default Re: Travelling for the Holidays

Originally Posted by Zeldagurlfan1 View Post
LOL the pregnancy thing was a joke. Tbh we do want kids together and if I donít come back pregnant Iíll probably come back married. I basically threw my life away up here (quit my jobs, hopefully ready to pack up and move...) itís gonna be crazy getting my greencard. I think I have 4000 more dollars left to pay off my Osap. Thatís my only setback for me actually moving away... that and I paid for a full brazillian and full leg laser hair removal treatment Iíve started thats also costing me 1K... [emoji847][emoji857][emoji857][emoji857]

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damn you finna be smooth as hell wtf...
i guess if ur gonna be like 1000$ type hairless you better be getting some DICK
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