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Default TWG CLXXXI - TWGreeD - Game Thread


The Revitalization

Originally created by Red of All credit for the concept goes to her!


14 players
3 wolves
11 humans
Possible blue roles (see below)

Cardflipping: Off
KitB: On
Human Night talk: On
No Lynch: On
No Kill: On
Twilight start
Wolf daychat: On

NOTE: Hidden posting requirement enforced

Vote altering roles do not take effect till eod unless the role specifically states otherwise.

Settings that are different from normal are bolded

Game starts with a Twilight phase (No kills can be submitted at this time).

Humans: During Twilight and each night phase, you will submit a PM to me if you want a blue role. You will be informed of your blue role when the day phase starts, but this blue role will not take effect until the following night phase (even if your role effects day actions).

The number of blue roles that the human's request will influence the strength of the blue roles assigned. The fewer humans that choose a blue role (out of the total number of humans), the better the roles will be. The more humans that pick a role, the worse the roles will be, to the point where all negative roles can be given out if almost everyone chooses a role. These negative roles will be mystery curses.


Each night phase you will submit a kill to me as usual.

In addition, during twilight and each night phase, each of you will tell me if you want a special wolf role. Depending on how many special wolf roles you take, human blue roles will be strengthened. (More special wolf roles = stronger human blue roles). The strength of special wolf roles is dependent on the original number of human blue roles requested that night. Your special roles also do not take effect until the following night phase.

During twilight and every night phase, you may also guess the total number of human blue role requests and attempt to sabotage them. If you guess correctly, you will sabotage half of the human's blue roles when they are delivered the next night, and you will steal one human blue role. If you guess within +-1, you will sabotage one blue role.

Roles cannot be banked for later. They are active for a night/day phase and then they expire. If your role has an active component (where you have to tell me something) then that must occur at night unless it very specifically says otherwise.


Days are 48 hours, nights are 24. Once player count reaches half of the starting player count - 1, days will be 24 hours instead.

Days/Nights end at 10pm PST (12PM Server time)


1. Mellonxcollie
2. indheart
3. Wayward Vagabond
4. DaBackpack
5. Precarious
6. Roundbox
7. Funnygirl555
8. DarkManticoreX2
9. Charu
10. Anti-Pearl theknightsofneeee
11. Syhto
12. MML
13. Sunfan
14. Hakulyte


1. Star crossed
2. Theknightsofneeee
RIP Jitomi Monoe

2020 - 2021

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Lynch all liars is good meta. Period.

Originally Posted by Red
My guess at this point is that there aren't actually any wolves, and all the humans are just going to kill each other until only a few are left. Then the remaining survivors will realize they are the real monsters.
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