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Default Re: So I wanted to build a gaming laptop...

edit: I'm sorry xNiX this comment was unnecessary

I'll help you in the morning if nobody else has, because it's like 6AM here and I need to sleep.
Originally Posted by Jewpinthethird
"Hey Keywii" Said Foil in a raspy voice.
"Hey Foil. What's that you got there?" inquired Keywii.
"Oh, just my cock." Replied Foil.
"That just will not do." was keywii's response as she lunged for the scissors, pulled the blades apart, and clamped them down on the base of foil's shaft. Blood start gushing out of the wound where his penis used to be.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Yelled Foil in horror.
"Don't worry. I'm a wizard" uttered Keywii. And with that, Foil's penis grew back.

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