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Default Re: When Is Devonin Going to Finish The Stats Sheet?

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
lol, i stopped looking at it last night when you were doing the filters bc it was dizzying

chihiro fujisaki=star-crossed
kirinokousaka=aragakiayase (this is 100% yoshl being a dork; that's the name of an account, but AA actually signed up and played the game and i don't think this other person(?) ever has)

for the other "twg name" accounts, besides jade harley like raeko already mentioned, i can ID who played the game but i don't think they have a main to tie back to anyway
One exception:

Xelicopter was played by thesunfan once as part of a game

Also I was going to ask how I've played more games than sunfan himself but then I realized I never host so, that'd probably be it.
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you're on thin ice there bud
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