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Default TWG Turbo XXII: D-People-E-O, Fine Humanoid Robot for the Home - Game Thread

9 players
6 Vanilla Town
1 Seer with a random greencheck at the start of the game
2 Wolves

Day start. 12-hour phases: days run from 12pm (noon) to 12am (midnight) server time and nights run from midnight to noon.

Phantoms off
Knife in the Box on: tied vote = decides who dies
Insta on: >50% of players all voting the same person ends the day early
Nighttalk off
Out-of-thread chat off
Wolfchat is night only
No-lynch off
No-kill off: if the wolves don't send a kill, picks it
If the seer doesn't send a check, too bad (it doesn't get randomed)

1. DaBackpack - Vanilla Town, killed Night 1
2. Curry and Rice - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 0
3. flashflash account - Wolf, lynched Day 2
4. FreezinIce
5. mellonxcollie - Seer, killed Night 3
6. Anti-Pearl - Vanilla Town, lynched Day 1
7. Charu
8. roundbox - Vanilla Town, killed Night 2
9. Hakulyte

1. Celirra

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