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Default Heavy Rain

I'm still kind of in shock over what I just saw. This game has to have the greatest character development and story of all time. I'd explain what the game is about, but it's just so hard without spoilers.

The gameplay isn't like any other game, I thought of this as an interactive movie where you can choose to fail at parts to completely change how everything turns out. The soundtrack fits perfectly with every scene. I've found myself with my jaw dropped and about to cry so many times. This game throws all these emotions at you that I just couldn't take a break.

Sadly I didn't get the chance to play this as it's exclusive on the ps3 so I watched a walkthrough and let me tell you it really is like a movie.

For those that have a ps3 I strongly suggest you check this game out, it's unlike any game that's ever been made before. I also believe this game is being turned into a movie titled, "Rain"

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