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Default Re: TWGTurbo 32: The TWG Train Rolls All Night Long GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by FreezinIce View Post
Tbh i think you're just wolfing here subaru.

You have a unnatural fixation on how you votes and posts will be seen by others that is really wolfy imo especially the 3rd post from subaru that choof quoted in his big post.

Though i hope youll take my advice in mind next time you play if you roll town.

speaking personally i think charu is a kill you would make in this situation, its a very basic "take the heat off me / yolo seer shot" kill that ignores the fact that xels wagon should have been targeted. Aka the kind of kill id expect someone in your position to make

So yeah subaru
this post isn't really calling freezin mafia for it since I think I have a semi-not-terrible guess for why its happening but this is quite a diplomatic post for freezin
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