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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post
I havnt looked at storn but charu and mellon are pushing him so ill look at them and give my thoughts later.

I had him as town in the beginning.
In the game he linked, he came off as very active and town with solid rationale, but ended up caving on a role/nameclaim and was alternatively not killing and secret killing during the day like a madman. Don't be fooled by the kawaii goth racoon icon, he is a duplicitous man and very adept at this game, perhaps why he's always skewered so early on, per the meme.

Also, I just wanted to ensure Steve knew his place, scum that he is. My real vote is still on Shadow_God_10 and reaffirming it here for clarity, and to avoid the Error tag.
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