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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

Disclaimer: This really did take a long time to cook up and I hate myself for it, but the audience demands it!

------------------------------- . -------------------------------~*~ ------------------------------- . -------------------------------

DaBackpack: Likes more players than usual Was on Mr. Riot Sketchy on Funny and FFA Maybe a bit sketchy on birds

One-Two-Three-Kappa-Three: Was on Mr. Riot Early on making connections Seeing black and white still Without a doubt appreciates birds (but hates them with a burning passion)!

MixMasterLar: Was on Mr. Riot Likes Mr. Backpack and Kappa Hates FFA Despises birds

mellonxcollie: Defended Mr. Riot Hates FFA Sketchy on Mr. Backpack Skeptical of birds!

SubaruPoptart Wayward Vagabond: Exists ...Exists... Appreciated yours truly Probably likes birds

psychoangel691 _Zenith_: Exists ... ... ???

Shadow_God_10: Oddly quiet first round Surprisingly well adjusted second round thus far Post 430 Perhaps likes birds

flashflash account: Was on Mr. Riot Hates Mellon Kind of hates Mr. MixMasterLar Now hates Mr. Shadow Possibly hates birds!

Funnygurl555: Exists Likes Kappa Hates MixMasterLar? Likes birds!

Storn-Forty-Two: First to think of theories Doesn't like EoD 1 Doesn't like Mr. Shadow now Probably still hates birds

------------------------------- . -------------------------------~*~ ------------------------------- . -------------------------------

Now everyone's favorite part in this contest of wits:

Reasoning and Conclusions


Dabackpack: Ever since this fine lad entered the fray and shared their thoughts. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that this individual was fighting the good fight so who am I to deny them such positive coverage than they already received! I especially like how they were quick to judge yours truly as well with our poor friend, Mr. Riot. Mr. Backpack has proven they go to the first possible scenario in their thoughts and last round is no exception to that knowledge!

This also includes the point where they defend Mr. FlashFlash. They probably understood the implications here from the others, however they probably saw something good in the midst and targeted that good focal point without thinking too much further. Yours truly believes that they'll have a different opinion today regarding our FlashFlash friend!

They're as good as they come, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Mr. Backpack!


One-Two-Three-Kappa-Three: This fine contestant was the second person to start attempting to pair others to an unknown crime using different reasons than the first! That alone is enough to tell me this fine gent is probably with the good guys, but hey, what do I know? I'm a memester!

If I may, I'd like to compliment your EoD. I believe your vote conclusions were solid and correct! Even the tidbit with Mr. FlashFlash looking worse than our poor Mr. Riot! As I stated, however, it was not yet time for Mr. FlashFlash to join the crowds! However I'll get to them soon enough in this segment!

Now if you're wondering why I haven't given you the clear to join Mr. Backpack. It's mostly due to your posts that contain an obsession with yours truly, but I believe you simply have something against me that goes beyond a game so I'll leave it at that and call it a day, my good champ!

MixMasterLar: Our aggressive friend here I believe is a good lad. Abrasive personality in check, questioning others about themselves that come off as vague, trying to be reasonable himself and not create a meltdown. I believe these are tell signs that our friend here is probably okay and will most definitely help fend off frightened villains of the night!

They got a good grasp on this game. They're constantly prodding, poking, and questioning most of the happenings going on within this contest. However, as far as compliments go, they could also be micromanaging because they themselves are up to no good!


Yes, why I do hold that against our dear friend. I don't believe they're much of a concern at this point in time. Besides, our friend has acted like this before as a good lad, so I'll leave it up for debate whether or not him prodding and questioning everywhere is a sign of an adversary trying to thrust their way into the hearts of the contestants!

For now, I give him a seal of being one of the good guys!

mellonxcollie: A poor soul~ Gentle in the winds~ Getting caught up by defending our friend Mr. Riot~

Such is the way when majority of contestants believe one thing to be a no go for the show!

I didn't directly mention our lovely friend here due to the way others were receiving her defense on Mr. Riot. Didn't want to get caught in the crossfire and was generally taking notes as the rest were squaring away the possibilities on why Ms. Mellon defended Riot as much as they did!

I strongly and honestly believe every posts of hers last phase came from a good mindset if they were one of the good guys and gals. Not much about others beyond defending and retaliating back at the others, but I liked what I saw and am declaring she be exempted for future harassment from here on out. I believe she saw what I saw. Why else did it look like I was "leading" Mr. Riot until the end of the round until he unfortunately confirmed he produced false information?

Because it's just the thing Mr. Riot would do of course

I stated before and I'll state it again. My experience with our poor friend is that he's real easy to kill when I'm up to no good! Instead of defending, however, I was attempting to produce more posts from them so that the rest of contestants can react however they see fit.

Unfortunately we all saw how that turned out~~~

It may seem too late now explaining this because it's the second round, but I expect information regarding yours truly should help our lovely Ms. Mellon over there not get crossed in the ultimate crossfire resulting in an untimely demise!

SubaruPoptart: Not much is known about this individual. In fact, not much was said at all by this fine gentleman! What I do know however, beyond hardly anything to digest, is that they were playing exactly how they usually do. However, there's nothing there to give or take as that playstyle could very well go both ways to this now audience member!

Have to keep talking if they didn't want the boot!

psychoangel691: Hopefully they'll try again! Lets shout out a good luck for Ms. Psycho's future endeavors!


Shadow_God_10: Not gonna lie, I don't have many things to say about Mr. Shadow over in this corner, but they have just enough red flags for me to put them under this color code.

As I placed in the sign, they were oddly quiet during first round this time. An unusual trait coming from Mr. Shadow's volatile past experiences!

However, this post in question makes me understand which is why they're not red like a certain someone else.

Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
As for me sitting back, yeah I guess it could be looked at that way. I always hate D0 as I do/say stupid shit which results in me shoving my foot down my throat. So now that we've got a couple flips going I'll be getting my ass in gear don't worry.
This post is Mr. Shadow's saving grace and I agree with the assessment they made. Unfortunately, due to how different it is from the other times, it makes me a bit weary about them. However, they seem A LOT more chipper than they were last round where I was thinking they were wolf and scared to die first round once again!

Other than that, I'll leave our friend in this color code until other information is passed around!

flashflash account: Looking through their posts I thought they were purposely causing a rukus and was going to call them out on it!

Nope, it's just the same old Flashflash we all know and love, ladies and gentlemen!

They have a lot of content, but not a whole lot to show for it beyond them believing and pushing on their beliefs as hard as they can. Typical stuff coming from this contestant if I were to be so blunt!

They did produce reads list, however since they're continuously posting as I speak, they're opinions may have changed since the last time!

Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
1. flashflash account- town
2. mellonxcollie- slight wolf
3. Funnygurl555- town
4. SubaruPoptart- null
5. Shadow_God_10- null trending wolf
6. psychoangel691- null
7. 123kappa3- town
8. Riotpolice- slight wolf
9. storn42- town
10. DaBackpack- light town
11. Charu- trending wolf
12. MixMasterLar- null trending town -> pending reads list
13. XelNya- town
What's interesting about Mr. FlashFlash is despite their apparent distaste on Ms. Mellon last round, they placed her around "slight wolf" instead of full on wolf status. Odd considering they were implying they would vote Ms. Mellon constantly, but alas. This could be simply that outdated as I believe they started ragging on Ms. Mellon after this list more intensely.

Beyond that, I honestly don't know where to place Mr. FlashFlash in our scoreboard. It was hard actually, but I believe leaving them at this color is the correct choice. It's not that I believe you're Mr. Bad Guy yet, but you're posts really don't speak to me at your motives as I've seen you do stunts as both parties beforehand.

Funnygurl555: I don't know what it is about Ms. Funny, but every other time I have to analyze them they always come back inconclusive. Well... at least there's a reads list they did pull out in the midst of the round. Lets pull it up, shall we?

Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
opinions on roster

1. flashflash account-- wolf lean. only seems to be focusing on raeko when she wasn't part of the main beef in the thread. and he's tunneling her. the act of tunneling is par for course, but i don't follow his reasoning.
2. mellonxcollie-- null
3. Funnygurl555-- town. get it
4. SubaruPoptart-- forgot existed
5. Shadow_God_10-- forgot existed
6. psychoangel691-- forgot existed
7. 123kappa3- town
8. Riotpolice-- null
9. storn42-- null
10. DaBackpack-- forgot existed
11. Charu-- town lean because i mindmeld with him a bit
12. MixMasterLar-- refusing to read :P
13. XelNya-- wolf lean for reasons said earlier

my vote will actually go on ffa for now. hopefully i can be back when more goes on
Ah, that's why this time. This contestant only has a grand total of THREE reads with only ONE of them being attached to a more explained reason.

The other reads though, on for myself, and the now audience member Xelnya, are not quite as fleshed out. They apparently liked what I had to say and they didn't like how Mr. Xel voted for our poor friend Riot claiming that Mr. Xel should know Mr. Riot's prior experience.

While this is true, it conflicts with what they said previously about them as seen here:

Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
im mindmelding with xel here on finding riot's early reads a little strange. it's a ping but not something i'd pursue rn though.

we haven't played together in years and my play style's changed a lot since then (as in, i'm a really lazy player now lmfao).
Which is considerably odd considering Ms. Funny stated the above quote later:

Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
i'm wary of the two riot votes moreso, especially xel's vote, since xel /should/ have been in at least one game with riot before (me n xel started playing twg at around the same time)


im always suspicious of mml and i'm tryna not
First liking the ping, and then not liking the vote are two very conflicting actions, my dear.

Storn-Forty-Two: Oh Mr. Storn, they must be wondering why they're color coded as such. It's simple, my friend, that implication I was referring to! Now they're in a position where they'll never be truly read as part of the good guys unless one would like to throw out this piece of dialog out the window.

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
Oops, wrong one! This one!

...And rather it's not a specific one, it's a series of ones! Lets take a look, shall we?

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
important question: how much TWG experience does riot have? i have a spicy take on that reads list depending on the answer.
Directly after our poor friend made that read list, immediately asks for advice in which Ms. Funny answered with:

Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
riot played pretty regularly like 5 or 6 years ago, back when i was new. haven't seen him around in a while though
After taking that answer with a statement assuming that's how Mr. Riot played half a decade ago, they go and state:

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
spicy take based on that reads list:

riot is a wolf, and therefore charu is a wolf, MML is town.
there either isn't a 3rd wolf or that wolf is hidden in the nulls or i'm actually thinking more likely was left off the list. Of the nulls, raeko really stands out, since "post more" is the only comment yet she isn't listed in the group with the other "post more" players.

all of this is using the assumption that riot is a wolf (i'm not very confident in that statement especially knowing that he is an older player) and is based almost entirely off just the reads list.
Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
The way he cleared charu just felt like the kind of justification you'd give a wolf partner to me, and i dont see him having both partners as his two top town reads, therefore you are town.
With the read Mr. Riot provided along with Ms. Funny's advice, it's pretty easy to use this as a means to make themselves look as if they're simply moving discussion along while painting a clear target on Mr. Riot.

Contestant, MixMasterLar and Mr. Shadow, saw something odd about the later statement and asked:

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
If Charu is his wolf partner do you think Charu would largely let Riot do his thing, or do you think he'd day something like "just take it easy, buckoo; don't worry about doing anything d0 here" up front?

Because if riot is the kind of person thinking that he needs a readslist page three then he's probably the type of wolf paying attention to wolf chat, and if that partner is Charu then he probably has created a wolf chat environment that wouldn't foster the need, you know?

Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Okay let's think for a second here.

Do you really think the wolf team in general would allow that to happen? If your answer is "Yes" then please elaborate. I want to see where your train of thought goes.
Mr. MixMasterLar conclude that it's not possible for both of us to be in in the same party. My apologies for not coming into this discussion sooner until now, but I'd have to default to Mr. MixMasterLar. I'm not one if I'm able to allow such a post from Mr. Riot to even come to fruition. In the event the possibility that they make that statement regardless. I would not openly question Mr. Riot what they were talking about after their reads.

Take my own statement as you will, but it's part of the reason why Mr. MixMasterLar was my "favorite contestant" later on when I asked him about Mr. Kappa.

I'm going on a tangent in the middle of your segment so lets continue on!

Anyways, Mr. Storn answered both of those questions with:

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
i think people think too highly of the wolves. i honestly dont think the wolves are always the type of people to constantly be coaching their teammates, but that is often the thing that is sited when defending a "stupid play" made by someone, but is rarely the case.
This statement seems innocent enough. But what if I told the audience that this is a safe way to handle any sort of defense in regards to Mr. Riot, like a certain Ms. Mellon tried? I believe this post was a setup for anyone daring to try to recover our friend Riot. I saw it as such myself when they posted as I eagerly waited for them to respond to my query.

Which, by the way...

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
i didn't see this earlier so i apologize for not responding. I understand all the implications one like you might have, but as i mentioned before i feel that this assumtions and reads can only be put into play once we flip riot. though really your flip could also put us into action. and dont take that post as a big read on anything you've done this game. imo its more of me pointing out something interesting that i saw and being able to look back at it at the end of the game to see if my silly read was right.
Lets zoom in on one sentence.

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
i feel that this assumtions and reads can only be put into play once we flip riot.
And again

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
once we flip riot.
Seems like Mr. Storn was already set on Mr. Riot being the flip, if not the previous round, then perhaps a later round, like this round if they were still here with us.

The kicker is the last post they made until the second round:

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
Last bit of activity before i randomly stop posting. I just ewant to say, look at who hopped on the riot wagon and why. I see it as a potential wolf hot spot.
Another innocent looking statement, but one does have to wonder if Mr. Storn here believed there would be any wolf setups here or not. They did state themselves wolves don't coach often, so wouldn't a "potential wolf hot spot" be filled to the brim with wolf coaching for the others?


I think so, and with that...

I have my vote for today!



Thank you everyone for tuning in for a long segment. We'll see you again next time, stay tune for more exciting developments!

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