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Default Re: Do you play Guitar/Piano or any instrument?

Been playing the piano since I was 4. 26 now. RCM Lvl 9. self taught most of the songs in that book when I was 16. Now a days I print off anime op sheet music from google. [emoji847]

I can teach beginner and need to be retrained for intermediate level lessons. I also took a music history class and music and philosophy class (I appreciated the “sub-genre’s” unit) in university in 2011 but idk how credentialed appealing that sounds to anyone. Regardlessssss,
I can sight read, play by ear naturally and harmonize, comprehend music theory, sing in tone and compose(writing among others). My motor skills were the only thing holding me back from anything worth while as a professional performer or I would have applied to Berkley In Boston. And tbfh If I could go back in time: I would have focused harder on that than spending my time on FFR.

[emoji197][emoji3059] ty for letting me share. I appreciate threads like this,
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