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Default Re: 13th Official Tournament Predictions Thread

D1: SwedishMeatballs is a huge dark horse in d1, always clutching a last minute score, EssRocks for overall winner
D2: MixMasterLar, though peperonni and Bach96 are strong contenders for top 3
D3: katanaeyegaming
D4: VelVey from personal experience, second place d3. Nomstien, danredge, and ositzxz369 in top 5
D5: Fluttershy for win. URL, Storn, and Seoulslayer in top 5
D6: Cryolien and Sanjixcon are gonna sweep through early rounds and 1v1 for the finals, Mike is gonna breeze through the first 3 rounds then mindblock round 4, LeftyRighty, Gradiant and Haku rounding out top 5
D7: yipyapyop. Walrusizer, mi40, Skullbac, Nakadashi for top 5, and all the sleeping dragons hiding in d7 are gonna be huge curveballs
D8: Myuka, unless sfg doesnt forget to play in r1

betting my potato on this
: )

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