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Default Re: 13th Official Tournament Predictions Thread

Originally Posted by LeftyRighty View Post
my prediction: it's gonna be awesome, a ton of crazy scores are gonna be cranked out, and there's gonna be some charts that have difficulty spikes so silly they'll just make people laugh. also i'm scared to see what d8 has to play.

- aurumjolteon will get top 8 D5 (especially if he gets a new keyboard lol), storn will get top 3
- LeftyRighty, Sanjixcon, Ultimate Mike7, and Cryolien will get top 8 D6 with the winner between Cryo and Sanji
- Not sure how rusty some of these people in D7 are but D7 has some very scary players in it lol, Dynam0, smartdude, and Lily stand out; in terms of new blood Blackskull and Nakadashi will get top 8
- Velocity will win D8

9th Official - D2 35th
Psychoangel691's tourney (July-August 2014) - D5B 2nd
Zenith's Arrows to Music Tournament - D5B 3rd
RPG Tournament - 9th
Red Blaster's Timebomb Tournament - D5 1st
Psychoangel's One Division Higher Tourney - D5/"D6" 6th/4th
10th Official - D5 17th
FG's Winter Vanilla Thingamajig Tournament - D5 1st

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