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Default Re: FFR players, what keyboard do you use?

I just upgraded from a standard Microsoft membrane keyboard to a Leopold FC900R PD with Mx Silver switches. I put 40A 1.5mm o-rings under my FFR keys (A, S, Num5, Num6), I'll put them under the rest of the keys later. I also swapped the Num4 and Num5 keycaps so I don't have the raised pip on the 5.

(I use the books as armrests to keep my wrists straight.)

I'm still getting used to it, I tend to hit notes a little too early now and in the first few songs I got some unexpected averages in the middle of a series of perfects. But my speed is already a lot better, I can keep up with the trills in Bumblebee for the first time. And my precision is better too, now my notes tend to fall within 1-2 frames of each other instead of 2-3 on sections that aren't too challenging. One downside is that it feels a little harsher on my finger joints, even with the o-rings. But another upside is that my forearm muscles haven't been getting stiff and fatigued during long, fast-paced songs like they used to.
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