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Default Re: FFR players, what keyboard do you use?

Originally Posted by tosh View Post
Currently a Corsair Strafe (cherry red switches). Thinking of buying a tenkeyless keyboard with gateron browns, though.
So I did end up going this route. Grabbed the Massdrop CTRL keyboard and a set of Gateron Brown switches. Have had it for about 4 months now.

Personally haven't seen any of the double tapping issues that others have reported with this keyboard (aside from normal mech kb double tapping). Don't play anything with more than 4 keys, but n-key rollover is a huge plus. Probably going to get rid of the o-rings I have in there and/or replace the keycaps because it feels a bit squishy, but haven't gotten around to that yet.

The board also has hotswappable switches, so if I ever want to switch to any other Cherry clone then I can easily do that. Don't really see any reason to replace the board itself for many, many years.

5/12/2020 edit: Will likely clip and lube stabs as the twanging sound is starting to get to me and sometimes a key gets stuck/I have to push down far too hard in order for it to actuate (primarily the enter key and space key).

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