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Default Re: Drum Corp International '011

Originally Posted by Ickalanda View Post
Yeah definitely, a bunch of guys who all went to my High School have been marching scouts, 5 of them marched last season, the largest group of people from one place in the entire corps. My brother was so excited when he got in and the older guys helped him out a lot as he prepared for auditions which I think helped.

Our High School is also extremely competitive in Marching Band, with Ibe Sodawalla (The Corps Director of Legends) writing the music and working with the band a lot (he is also a Madison Scouts alumni). I think my brothers experience in high school helped him out a lot, and he was the Drill Sergeant for the entire band this past fall.

I hope you do well with DCI, it is definitely an awesome experience and I hope you keep up at it, not really something for me personally but my brother enjoys it a lot and it is definitely great to watch.
Wow that's totally impressive! I'm so jealous you have a marching band director that is dedicated to DCI, as well as directing a corps! We of course competed against Legends, and it's impressive how much improvement they can get in over the summer. I say that because we initially ranked higher than them, yet they shot at a much higher standing than we did in the Open Class Finals.

My band director, on the other hand, gives me the feeling he's against it and/or jealous he never got to do it while his brother did (he marched scouts coincidentally lol). I pretty much had to go out of my way to get all the information necessary to join without his help. I'm just glad I got to get where I was. It took a lot of luck because initially I never marched a snare drum before last summer, but they accepted me at where I was, taught me everything I could execute, and I adapted seemingly quick looking back at it now. It took a lot of perseverance on my part considering I had 0 exp.

Looking at world class corps drumlines, you pretty much have to drum 24/7 to pull off what they do every summer. What I've encountered on the internet, it's hard to find someone in the top world class corps who doesn't do WGI during their downtime.
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