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Default Re: Drum Corp International '011

Originally Posted by irishknight View Post

Yeah, our corps bumped into the scouts a lot during the summer at the show sites. I never got tired of watching their show! It was easy to get into.

Also, I am so envious that you have finals on blu-ray! It's ****ing expensive to get it.
I just got the finals cd... Which is just as great if you're driving on long trips.

Is he marching again this year? Or did he age-out?
He is not marching again this year just because he has been doing something band related basically full time every year since he was in 6th grade and wants to try other things. He intends to march with scouts again the following season, he is only 17 now and a senior in High School. I play Alto Saxophone in the Western Michigan University Marching Band though and he is going to be joining me in that this upcoming season.
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