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Default Re: Drum Corp International '011

Originally Posted by Ickalanda View Post
He played Euphonium, so he got a nice arm workout, haha. And yeah I really like their show a lot, I managed to see it at 6 separate shows, the opening hit gets me every time, I have the DCI finals blu-ray and it is even awesome on that. I will post some pictures of me with him in his Scouts uniform on my profile once I get my pictures transferred to my new computer that I am on.

Yeah, our corps bumped into the scouts a lot during the summer at the show sites. I never got tired of watching their show! It was easy to get into.

Also, I am so envious that you have finals on blu-ray! It's ****ing expensive to get it.
I just got the finals cd... Which is just as great if you're driving on long trips.

Is he marching again this year? Or did he age-out?
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