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Default So my aunt just had her 7th baby

Warning: Paragraphs may be one sentence long. COMIN' ATCHA, PALIN STYLEE!

Had 3 with my uncle, then she got addicted to meth, sold her kids as sex slaves, put my uncle in jail for a week, made him lose his job, his house, his car, everything but his kids, my cousins, that he got back before anything bad happened.

The bitch told my cousins that their dad wanted to kill them, and for months they were deathly afraid of him.

Anyway, back to the baby thing.

She had her 7th baby in prison, along with the previous 3, 1 of which she murdered after its birth, which is no surprise because she's in Texas state penn for beating a girl to death with a crowbar for meth money.

So think of all the crack babies she's bringing into the world. The poor kids aren't gonna turn out right, and they have to be raised by foster parents. Shouldn't the state make her get her tubes tied?

I can just picture her behind bars, "Give me liberty or give me meth!"

It sickens me.

Moral of the story: Don't do hard drugs!!
(Other drugs encouraged.)

Edit: You know what?
I'm done taking this seriously.

Just had to get it out.
Someone drive us to TGB, please.

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can someone clarrify what QFT means my friend told me its quit ****ing talking, but im not 100 percent sure

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I need a car that drives itself completely automated and I want it for free and it needs infinite gas mileage.



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