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Default Re: FFR Visual Novel (A Simfile Dating Sim)

Thanks for the input so far. I have most experience with python compared to other languages (cuz I'm a huge math nerd lol and CS at my university focuses on python anyways), so renpy sounds pretty good. I've checked it out a bit and it's pretty easy from what I've read so far.

I have decent enough art skills to where I could maybe draw the characters and stuff, but I'm gonna wait till later till I worry about that. Similarly, I'll probably worry about the music later as well.

I have played a fair number of visual novels (Katawa Shoujo, Koiken Otome, Wanko to Kurasou, Rewrite (Best VN. Fight me.), EoSDFBP, etc.), so I am familiar with the mecahnics, which is why I got hyped for this idea.

Not gonna lie, renpy is making this project look waaay more doable than I initially thought, and the feedback helps (ty DaBackPack & Dingles). I might put work on brainstorming stuff on a google doc or something so all you guys can add/edit stuff.

On another note, the most helpful thing right now would probably be just input on what you guys want to see in the game and spicy fiffer memes for inspiration (@h19: it wasn't awkward gimme moreeee).
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