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Default Re: i came out to my parents

Proud of you, FG And happy that even with the reaction that you got, you're taking it well and secure enough in your own sexuality to know you're okay.

Originally Posted by Dinglesberry View Post
it doesnt have to necessarily be religious bigotry, it might also a culture thing, like I said above, some may just hold on to traditional values of a working father and caregiving mother, for example places like Japan and other Asian countries aren't accepting of homosexuality either even though theyre majority no religion and the 2nd most common is buddhism so idk, I don't know too much about buddhism but I would guess that a big part of it is to treat people with respect
At least from a Taiwanese perspective, homophobia is overwhelmingly different across generational lines. I can't really speak for other Asian countries because I don't know too much, but in Taiwan the younger someone is the more their thinking is likely influenced by Western/American politics, and within young and urban populations homosexuality is widely accepted with the only dissent coming from religious groups. I think my generation (early 20s) is pretty similar to people in North America, except that religious groups in Taiwan tend to be more conservative than North American religious groups, which have a lot of people who don't see a conflict between homosexuality and faith. However, the more rural and older your population is in Taiwan, there's a TON of resistance mainly just because "it's gross." And the vast majority of those who resist pro-LGBTQ legislation are elderly, in part because Taiwan and a lot of other East Asian countries are aging populations.

Sorry for getting a little political in this thread, though. This could be an interesting topic to have in another thread than this one~
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