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Default Re: 12th Official Tournament

Originally Posted by xXOpkillerXx View Post
I just learned about prizes, thought it was only credits and ramen for 4th rofl.

May I ask why d8 gets all event tokens ? Seems a bit unfair tbh; they get a user color already. Giving each D8 player like 1 token would be more legit, and keeping the top 3 rule. Idk what others think but yeah, maybe tone it down a little ?
This is where I'm going to die a little inside and laugh out loud at the same time considering the given situation right now. Rob mentioned how he felt D8 should just get all the tokens at that point for reaching the top of the top and that people were just in it for the competition anyway.

But yes, it's one of those hey you've managed to get this freaking far have it all!
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