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Default Re: 12th Official Tournament

Originally Posted by tosh View Post
Honestly I think the placements were pretty much spot on this year. There were a few adjustments made afterwards, but those were done early in the tournament. Any outliers that are more active on osumania/Etterna likely would still be outliers even if there is a monthly tournament setup.

And of course you will always have a few people that skillboost a full division or so in the course of a tournament.
Let me reiterate: I'm not criticizing the placements themselves. We place people to the best of our knowledge with the scores they have. I even admit that more frequent events doesn't fix sandbagging outright.

What I am saying, is the placements are based on scoring data, and unless you're one of the few that grind out scores for fun, most scores are casual - therefore those players that tend to play casually and only grind for events will always be underrated. Having more official events will theoretically have people "try-hard" (god I hate that term) more often and make their ranks more reflective of their current speed and skill.

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