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Default Re: Official Tournament Round 2 Songs

These are all pretty nice files.

Red Tint: Flows very nicely, but it will definitely provide a challenge for D1 players, especially in the second half of the chart.

Mindreader: Another chart that is really fun and flows really nicely that will provide somewhat of a challenge for its division.

Starchaser: Again, another fun chart with really good patterns.

rainy beauty [Heavy]: Really dense chart, but it's a fun dense with typical bmah difficulty spikes. There's also a few awkward patterns in between the dense sections that I feel will give my division problems and if I don't miraculously learn how to hit those patterns properly, this song will unfortunately eliminate me.

AVALON: This is definitely a notch up from the previous round in terms of difficulty. It is a really fun chart, though.

Lamuscore: I love the really fast patterns in this chart and how out of nowhere the weird patterns in the second half of the chart will (maybe?) keep the players on their toes while playing this file.

October (Dark Autumn Remix): Really fun, difficult chart. The solo about halfway through the file is probably my favourite part of this chart.

Wanderflux: Wow, crazy notes everywhere that make this basically impossible for me to read. However, oddly enough, those crazy patterns go along really well with the song.
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