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Default Re: FFR Rap battle contest

Originally Posted by foxfire667 View Post
Only thing is it's already been 3 weeks, and the thread has had barely activity at all relative to how many people actually said they'd participate. With the cash prize, and the extension nearing us into the month mark already, I really can't believe there is anything that is going to push people more to put something out. Maybe people forgot, so I'll say it again, blind is offering up $30 as a frekin prize here! What more push can you ask for when average event prizes are e-tokens and credits?
i started a new job and that has been my focus. i was going to spend this last week and a half ish to focus on this but getting sick really made that not happen. i didnt even realize there was a cash prize rofl. only doing this because i like it and it would be nice to actually get something written and finished.
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