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Default Re: FFR Rap battle contest

Contest submission:
Introspection - Foxfire
(Soundcloud tags didn't work right rip)
The time is here, another new year
Canít quite pin down, just how Iíve been feeling
Maybe if I write it out, I can cast aside my doubt
Letís take a moment and own up to some introspection
Man I felt it hard, but you know how those feelings are far from
Scars from war and torture, or a fatal disorder so
You have no reason to cry, keep it inside, carbonate your fucking mind and
Cap off that bottle you fought to keep down with those thoughts from the night that so graciously hound you.
Mothers unwell, can hardly move at only 50. Kept her pain to herself to pay the bills and feed her family.
I canít stand seeing her like this, or fight the thoughts that haunt me as I write this
Cause maybe sheíd be okay today if only she had the heart to say
I canít keep this up, my body's had enough, or
How bout a brother whose down in a spiral where sobrieties pain and getting highís a denial
I try my best to keep him up, make peace with the world even if itís tough but
Iím not much better than he is with anxiety waiting to seep in
Itís less like a feeling and more like youíre dealing with bad shit you and ya friend smoked in his car
Death gripping your chest, youíre counting your breaths
Maybe a minute a moment a day, as long as it wants to that burden will stay
Never truly over, just wishing to be sober
My turmoil will never be [move over]
Canít sit by and let you hide from your good side any longer
If you put the focus on only the stuff thatís rough all that negativity will keep on adding up
Then damn, before you know it, lifeís ran its course and all youíre showing the
world is nothing a bleak soul mourning, a body thatís weak and a mind in torment
Remember your drive, to better, your mind
Getting a semblance of self confidence, being accountable to my interests
Your progress, is high, anxiety denied
Think of the weeks in a row thatíd youíd freak but now youíve got one hell of a sobering streak!
My strength, is growing, my body, is flowing
I look in the mirror and like what I see, finally feel like Iíve got energy.
And surely I canít deny my friends are close, love them the most
Iíve got a mind to keep climbing out, lifeís been better trying than just laying down
I just want to be happy with myself inside and out

I did take this seriously, but don't expect the world from an amateur. It's hard to push through and post because of that, but that's something I've got to learn to get over anyway. To anyone interested, this google document has all the pre-writing brainstorm stuff in it I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I didn't do everything I wanted, but I did a few things I liked I wasn't even initially aiming for so I'm satisfied. This was quite fun to do, and took up a fair bit of my week after work trying to puzzle and flow things together in a way that wasn't stupid. Even if no one else submits, I very much appreciate the revival of this contest and the initial effort you put forth to make it happen blindreper! For the sake of the event though, it'd be nice to see a couple more at least by tomorrow...
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