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Default Re: TWG 198 - TWGabout Succession [Postgame Thread]

I think I'm with YoshL on this one. Lewdy was very obviously joking and being hyperbolic, and he didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings, but that's not "the point", Xel.

Questions like this are more about the "bigger picture": what kind of culture do we want to cultivate for FFRTWG? What behaviors do we want to reward? What are we "okay" with letting slide as a part of the social game? These are all things that have been weighing on many of our minds, especially post-toxicity thread.

We all love this community and we want to see it thrive. I, for one, think one of the most effective ways of continuing the site's legacy of excellence is to sometimes take that step back and ask ourselves, "what standard of conduct do we want to be known for?" and "is this <behavior X> really something that we want to normalize?"

I think a part of it is that we're all older now and have matured to the point where we've come to realize that certain behaviors that we've come to accept dogmatically as "part of the game" really don't actually HAVE to be that way.

It is important to have these discussions so that we can really emphasize the positive, fun parts of TWG and leave the rest behind... so that we can all feel comfortable and have a good time. Because at the end of the day TWG is just a game.

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