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Default Re: TWG 198 - TWGabout Succession [Postgame Thread]

Forget talking about the game I didn't play, let's make the post game spicy.

Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
I guess it's just to me I'm okay with the heated tension and the escalation and calling names and insulting intelligence but that crossed a line insinuating physical violence which was super jarring to me
Dog this ain't it.

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
shadow, I also do agree with ffa, in that you tend to overdramaticize a lot in your posts, and I understand you're having fun with it. I think ffa's right though, in bodily harm it can get to be a bit much.
All of you folks are like, five years old.

Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
If Haku wasn't okay with it, I am confident saying that he, as a grown ass man, would have come to me, or even a moderator to address this as a problem.
Haku's opinion on the matter is entirely irrelevant tbh. The post is clearly a joke, and anyone who thinks beating someone with a brick is a serious statement intended for bodily harm in game ought to fucking leave.

Contextually to the confines of the game, it's clear you blow up your emotions to have them make an impact - I do the same thing by adding a lot of swearing. It gives it that push that makes it both impactful, and it serves as a way to enjoy the game for me, by not sounding like some high-class prick with a stick in their ass.

I could eloquently describe to people that I think they're being daft, and not paying enough attention; and that their lack of doing so leads me to be frustrated with their current state in the game, and their inability to read between the lines is likely their weakest skill in the game.

But I'm not fucking two years old and can tell them "I want to bash a brick into your skull" and I think most people here would understand I'm telling them they're being thick headed. Yeah?

Stop trying to take silly posts and make them serious, you fucking moron.

I am not calling you a fucking moron for effect, I mean it this time.

FFA the issue with your play is that you disregard how people perceive you entirely, and while I get the point, it's utterly lost on the current players of the game, and you as a player need to realize that and course adjust. Also your example to last game is bad because we killed you with purpose. I don't know if you read the wolf chat or not, but we went pretty in-depth and each kill. Like, it may not have been the best of reasons, but we had one.

TLDR: Work on your optics, it's your weakest point imho.

Case and point:

Originally Posted by T-Force View Post
And fmpov I think it's unfair that I'm always wolf-read for my posting style, but I take from that game, I learn from it, and I adapt it to next game.
Multiple people called me out for the snark and attitude from my posts, and that style is not going to help my team win games.
I am going to learn and adjust for next time.

Same can be said for this. Is it unfair to you? Sure. But that's just something to adjust for next game.
Xiz has this same problem, where he will do something that everyone perceives in a bad way, and he'll course adjust off the cuff, it's so easy to read xiz if people would look at his course adjustment and speculate intentions once in a while, it'd get a few people a lot further along to reading Xiz.

Originally Posted by mellon_collie View Post
do women's bodies make you that uncomfortable O_O

Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
just tryna be a good boi
if I wanted to look at lewds I would do that in my own time, not while playing forum mafia

I'm just gonna stop here. Uhg.

FFR is FFR somehow.

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