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Default Re: I have high-quality versions of a bunch of legacy songs if someone wants to reste

Originally Posted by Coolgamer View Post
If anyone wants to restep, I have high-quality versions of a large number of songs.

Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl, Terror From Beyond, Euphoria, Get On The Move, Squarebear's Falling and visionsnrgyzdmix, Salad For Your Tuesday, Dentrite, Lethal Injection, AIM Anthem, Kick It... a whole bunch of older songs.

Side-note: FFR used to actually have a music store. IF anyone actually bought packs (other then support token ones and such) let me know, or where I can purchase the stuff. Thinking Haroon Piracha, DJ RageVI... if you have the Synesthetic CD... seriously, HIT ME UP. A lot of the old cd-r needs to be properly preserved to avoid data rot, and I can help. I have a copy of Skellybones but there's some data issues.
I wonder if it's possible to submit the old charts, but get them converted properly. :thinking:
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