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Default Re: New Tournament Format - Blitz Tourney

Originally Posted by PhantomPuppy View Post
@devonin will all future blitz tourneys be the same style where you play a division higher in difficulty, or will there be other types as well, like rate tourneys and stuff like that?
Rate scores don't record, so a tourney with rates would involve screenshots and manual score submission, so they might get done by somebody less lazy than I, but I have no intention of it.

The difficulty thing, to me, is intrinsic to the point of doing it in this format. If the songs were predominantly AAA-able, people will have maxed out the score in the first couple days. My hope for the tournament is to keep people going the whole 2 weeks trying to improve their scores enough to keep competitive.

Of course, once Velo gets all the kinks ironed out for the format and it's just a checkbox to be a blitz tourney or not, anybody else who can run tourneys can use the system to make it a blitz tourney, so why not expect all kinds of things!
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