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Default Re: PATHOS - A puzzle game like Psychopath

Alright, finished the main story and I'm a bit confused with what I'm supposed to do at Cruel Chamber in the Coping world. Up to that point I'm still missing: Musical chairs (world VII), Wiggle room, Cascade (world IX), Playrooms, Lockmess monster, Trash Heap and Bonefish (world X). Lockmess monster in particular is the first one I feel like I've already exhausted my options and got stuck with off by 2 solutions.

Waka really gives the impression that there's a better solution but after experimenting a bit it seems very few choices actually matter in the final move count.

Also got a couple more optimizations along the way.
Spoiler for Frigid Engine solution:

Spoiler for Jar of Nothing solution:

Spoiler for Six Bits solution:

Spoiler for Tetric solution:

I'm actually curious what the listed move count solution looks like for most of those because I'm finding those optimized ones as my first solution.
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