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Default Re: All Skill Tournament Year Two

D8 drawing winners: 10% of credit pool + 20,000 - Skill Rating
D1-D7 1st place winners: 4% of credit pool
D1-D7 2nd place winners: 2% of credit pool
D1-D7 3rd place winners: 1% of credit pool
All participants: The remainder of the credits will be divided equally

Send 74435 to HelpHelp11 (D8 drawing winner)
Send 72455 to AragakiAyase (D8 drawing winner)
Send 72103 to nksteam (D8 drawing winner)

Send 23522 to each 1st place winner
Send 11761 to each 2nd place winner
Send 5808 to each 3rd place winner

Additionally send 5836 to each of the 25 participants who got at least 1 point (dont include D8 players)

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