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Originally Posted by SubaruPoptart View Post
Based on your description it reminds me a lot of Rock Band Blitz but with a few extra things; there's two buttons for each "lane", and the left button can be hit with any button on the left side of the controller, and the right button can be hit with any button on the right side of the controller, including the thumbsticks.

As well, is the game free by chance? It's most likely not but I've been trying to find a game to ask my parents for so that I have something I like to play on the PS4 that isn't YouTube.
I haven't played that game yet, I thought it was always ment to be played with a separate controller and couldn't be fussed buying one. it's the reason I chose to get djmax instead of taiko no tajutsin aswell. It's fairly similar from what I see. the main thing that makes me love this game is the freedom to set any note to any button on your controller so you can figure out which works best for you.

Unfortunately it's 40 euros in the PS store with options of like 8 separately bought add on packs if you specifically want a certain type of music. however I feel like it was worth every euro seeing as the game is incredibly well designed. literally every separate level has its own dedicated animation in the background which often have an actual storyline or are just flashy and jumpy. then the notes actually play a certain sound in the game itself. for instance a piano song will have the buttons make the sounds instead of it happening in the music itself. this makes it a bit more difficult to get right as at the start the music sounds off sync because of it. but once you get used to it it's an actual nice feature.

here's a quick example of how it works with the controller aswell.

edit: not sure if that youtube link works, so heres the actual link

Originally Posted by mi40 View Post
i play the game sometimes on steam, there's ladder too
Originally Posted by awein999 View Post
ya it was recently released on pc
do you guys know if this supports cross platform play? I wouldn't assume so but it'd be helpful. up till now I'm even being obliterated by the competition online on any song on ps4 so I wouldn't dream of facing people playing on a keyboard. online community even frowns upon people not using a dualshock 4 controller haha
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