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I was wondering if any f you have given this Ps4 game a shot yet? It plays very differently to rythm games we're used to by forcing you to play with your thumbs instead of the general 4b through 8b keyboard setup.

Aside from that it uses the thumbs sticks aswell for certain holds adding a whole strange dynamic I've not experienced yet. I'm having fun, the music is fairly varied still given that it's generally k-pop stuff which I don't care that much for.

I use left and up on the d-pad for one side and triangle and cirkle for the other on 4b. I'm not that familiar with 6 or 8 so I'd have to see what button setup works best for them.

If you're on ps4 and have this game hmu for online multiplayer. Rooms are always filled when I look.
Based on your description it reminds me a lot of Rock Band Blitz but with a few extra things; there's two buttons for each "lane", and the left button can be hit with any button on the left side of the controller, and the right button can be hit with any button on the right side of the controller, including the thumbsticks.

As well, is the game free by chance? It's most likely not but I've been trying to find a game to ask my parents for so that I have something I like to play on the PS4 that isn't YouTube.
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