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Originally Posted by ilikexd View Post
the bpm is basically perfect so that 99% of the 16ths are 2 frames apart and the 32nd are 1 frame apart, dunno which framers you're referring to
1. I feel as if this is self explanatory, but since I assume you're an idiot, the 32nd and 16th are obviously too close.
2. (Notes are too close.)
3. (The Quarter note is off)

Obviously, you're slightly blind. I had to pause for Screen Shots, but these were the apparent ones after the first play. I fail to see how you didn't notice, considering you're not only a better player than me, but you're also in tune with the fine details of things apparently I guess.

PS: I have in fact brought these up before.

Originally Posted by Xx{Midnight}xX View Post
Another chart to add to this list that appears to me to need an abundance of fixes is Buzzards

Some screen shots to show points of what I'm talking about (there's more than this, but I feel as if 4 should showcase it's there.)

Sadly I delete my screen shots of worthless junk after a week or two.
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