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Default Re: Moonlight_X VS SK8R43 - Race to 1500 AAA's Thread

Originally Posted by Moonlight_X View Post
You can't give in that easily! I still have to catch up to you, then make the extra to 1500. I expect to see you get a AAA on :

MAX Forever
Vertex BETA
Pimp Slap
Stark Raving Mad
The Impresario (play this after you have a few good AAAs in a row)

I dont think max forever will happen. I cant trill slow for long periods of time lol
If i can nail both one hand trills on vb i can get it.
Pimp slap will never happen. Cant even aaa the into trill to rolls lol.
Dont even remember stark
Impresario ill get for sure.

Edit: I tried....but lag lag revolution wont let me play aha

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