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Default Re: FFR Visual Novel (A Simfile Dating Sim)

As a starting point though I'd figure that the best way to start would be to plan out a story, the characters, and sort of the route/story you'd have to take for each character.. I've only really played a few dating sims (DapackPack is a dating sim genius though I think he reviews them as well as a hobby so he probably knows more about how theyre developed), but as far as I know, most of the time dating sims only allow you to "get with" one girl, and you need to play through them a few times to see each route, so it shouldn't be too bad if the story is sort of linear

Maybe itd be a good idea to brainstorm plot elements in here or somethin i dunno

I wouldn't bother focusing on the art at all until you have your story fully laid out, and a list of what assets and images you'll probably need for different scenes etc

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