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Default Re: Autotelic Files and Packs - General Information

Bump with progress from this past month or so.

Added to the spreadsheet the guest files I received thus far and some others of my own I finished in the meanwhile.

Autotelic Intro also hit the 30 file threshold which was the minimum I wanted for the pack!
I'm projecting around 40 files for Intro and 50 for Meta with all the files I expect to receive + the ones I'm finishing soon.

The spreadsheet has also been updated to link the pack previews for intro & meta on the relevant files instead of linking singles.
Current version of the pack previews are Autotelic Meta Preview and Autotelic Intro Preview.

Reminder to anyone wanting to send files, deadline for submissions is end of March.
I recommend checking the pack previews so you can get an idea of what to expect and if your file might be a good fit for the pack.

Play my files (Includes information about my upcoming packs!)

Currently looking for gfx help on my soon to be released packs Autotelic Meta and Autotelic Intro, check link above or get in touch if you are interested in contributing!

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