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Default Re: Play MTG? rate my (subpar) decks!


I like that it's literally all in on ninjas and low cost unblockables in terms of being thematic. But that's a lot of 5 and 6 mana creatures that even if you cheat in via ninjutsu for 4 or 5 you have to bake in the cost of the unblockable creature and the turn to wait.

Use Changeling Outcasts as a 4-of for unblockable creatures. They're ninjas in the library and on the battlefield so you can tutor for them with Higure, and use them to trigger Yuriko.

Distortion Strike is another potential replacement for the Aqueous Forms. It gives you an unblockable creature across two turns for 1 mana, and doesn't care if you Ninjutsu something away where the aura would fall off. Or Slip through Space, only gives unblockable once but also draws a card.

You have 8x unblockable and 16x ninjas. Like FFA said, you might as well load up on the more powerful ninjas like Fallen Shinobi, Higure, Walker of Secret Ways. I'd consider Throat Slitter over Mistblade unless your meta is very black heavy. Killing their stuff is better than bouncing it.

Rogue's Passage also good here for getting your ninjas in for more triggers once they're on the field.
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