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Default Play MTG? rate my (subpar) decks!


I have a few friends still in quarantine from March and after months of going stir crazy are trying to get everyone to play Magic on Cockatrice. I have a very casual on/off again relationship with MTG in that I don't like most of the game but everyone I know IRL pretty much plays it so it gets played at least semi-regularly. Invested in a random bag of cards from Mirrodin and Kamigawa (and some older sets that are....old) for 10 bucks and was along for the ride from Return to Ravinca through the Khans Block back when that was a thing so I know the game and invested time into it at one point.

That said, I do like to take some amount of pride in whatever I do and if it's building decks right now then by golly Imma go and share them on this Tapped Out account that I don't ever use, and since I know at least a small group of you here play I figure I'd post the link and get your input/comments on what can be improved or just general thoughts.

Also, two out of the three have non-modern legal cards in them. That isn't a deal for most people I play with but any suggestions on replacement/sideboard cards that make them legal are welcomed because I'd like to have the option whenever someone makes the reasonable request to not get janky with it.

Not on Tapped Out are any of my burn decks (either IRL or Cockatrice) but imagine vanilla burn with Guttersnipes and Monastery Swiftspears and boom you got it. Didn't seem like it needed to crowd the site.

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