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Default Re: TWG Turbo XXIIIIIIII 10 AM/10 PM

I wonder if I would have been the nightkill if I had just managed to hold it together a little better at the day end.

Anyway, my brain is a bit of mush at the moment.

If the team is Shado and Funnygurl, then their strategy on end of day 0 was ultimately probably to get T-Force hanged, maybe Subaru if they are lucky. There is a decent amount of bickering and putting negative attention towards each other, I guess the reason to feel the need for that if they are wolves would be that they are not as active as others.

But if that is the case, Shado waiting until :00 to self-pres is pretty absurd to me. If he dies, FG isn't getting most of the credit. Her happily lolling around fits better with her having a partner in less danger at the time, I think.

To me those interactions are more relevant than the end of next day. If they are partners at that point they definitely should vote each other to get credit. So it is kind of whatever.

Overall, based on that I do not currently feel that we should not be using a lynch on Shado.
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